Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science

Machine Learning Laboratory


In the Machine Learning Laboratory, we investigate machine learning for complex phenomena. Our research addresses challenges inherent in the modeling of the connected world. We focus on a balance of theoretical analysis, algorithm development, and applied research to advance knowledge on the entire spectrum of machine learning science.



Graduate Students

A portrait of Shuangfei Fan
Shuangfei Fan
Ph.D. Student
A portrait of Chidubem Arachie
Chidubem Arachie
Ph.D. Student
A portrait of You Lu
You Lu
Ph.D. Student
A portrait of Reid Bixler
Reid Bixler
Masters Student

Undergraduate Students

A portrait of Alyssa Herbst
Alyssa Herbst
Undergraduate Student
A portrait of Andrew Marmon
Andrew Marmon
Undergraduate Student


A portrait of Walid Chaabene
Walid Chaabene
Masters Student
(now Amazon Applied Scientist)


While this page is under construction, papers are available on here Bert Huang's page.


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